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Climate change is affecting all regions of the world. As a result, ice caps are melting and sea and ocean levels are rising, as is the amount of energy in the atmosphere. In some regions, extreme weather and rainfall are becoming more common, while others are facing extreme heatwaves and drought.

Climate change is already being felt across Europe and globally. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense with each passing day, causing more and more casualties and property damage.

In this context, SC Intervenții Active în Atmosferă SA deals with reducing to total combat the effects of weather phenomena with destructive potential such as hail and limiting the effects of fog, late spring frosts, which can harm land and crops in Romania, goods belonging to natural and legal persons located in protected areas, contributing to the safety of citizens.

Another object of activity of SC Intervenții Active în Atmosferă SA is the applied study of methods to combat drought and desertification by scientific methods favoring the increase of precipitation (rain, snow) in areas of interest.

The training and improvement through continuous training internships of almost 900 employees that our company has carried out since its establishment and until now ensure the good development of the operative activities at national level 24/24, 7/7, 365 days/year.

The company employs 7 doctors of science and several Ph.D. students and master students in fields specific to our activities, actively and continuously involved in scientific research in the field of active interventions in the atmosphere.

At the same time, we have extended the collaboration relations with specialists in the field of weather change internationally.

At the moment, our company operates in 52 Anti-Hail Rocket Launch Points, coordinated from 5 Command Points. Iași, Focșani, Ploiești, Drăgășani and Timișoara.

In 2019, the company’s staff, in collaboration with a foreign partner, carried out the first local experiment to stimulate precipitation, by the aviation method, in Dobrogea.

Following the experiment, it was possible to see an increase in the amount of precipitation measured from 0.1 l / sqm to about 4-6 l / sqm. We also carry out active intervention activities in the atmosphere in the experimental stage and with terrestrial generators with silver iodide, to combat hail and stimulate precipitation in areas of responsibility.

SC Intervenții Active în Atmosferă SA represents a modern active vector that contributes to diminishing the effects of climate change that can affect crops and the safety of the population in Romania.


Hail Fighting

Hail was and is one of the meteorological phenomena that affect agriculture, but also the entire economic activity of a region. Hail control methods and technologies began to be developed immediately after World War II.

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Simulation of Precipitation

Drought is one of the biggest enemies of agriculture, and in recent years, with climate change, rainfall levels are declining, unevenly distributed, and agriculture has significant annual losses, endangering the food security of the population.

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Flood Control

If silver iodide has the effect of increasing the amount of precipitation, the dispersion in the air of a certain amount of sodium chloride leads to a reduction in the formation of clouds and precipitation. Using different substances we can get opposite results.

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Snow Stimulation

Several international studies have shown that active interventions in the atmosphere using silver iodide, used to control hail, can also have good effects if the amount of snow on the ground increases.

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Active interventions in the atmosphere using aviation

The use of aircraft for active atmosphere operations is a method developed primarily in the United States and involves modifying aircraft so that they can carry silver iodide in the clouds.

Active interventions in the atmosphere using missiles

The use of anti-hail missiles is one of the most effective ways of active intervention on hail-bearing cloud systems. In this way, the silver iodide is dispersed continuously and evenly.

Active interventions in the atmosphere using terrestrial generators

The terrestrial generator method is a systematic method, and to protect an area of ​​interest, the positions and number of generators must be chosen carefully. Thus, a series of studies are required before the design of such a system.


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