About us

Who we are?

Climate change affects all regions of the world. As a consequence, the ice caps are melting while sea and ocean levels are continuously rising, increasing at the same time the quantity of energy in the atmosphere. Some regions observe extreme meteorological phenomena, rainfall becomes more and more frequent, while other regions face extreme heatwaves and drought.

Climate change can already be observed all over Europe, as well as globally. Extreme weather events become more and more frequent and intense day by day, causing loss of life and property damage.

In this context, SC Intervenții Active în Atmosferă SA deals with reducing and combating totally the effects of potentially destructive weather phenomena such as hail and limiting the effects of fog and late spring frost, which can prejudice Romanian farmland and agricultural crops, goods belonging to natural and legal persons in the protected areas and contributing in this way to the safety of citizens.

More Context

Another scope of business of SC Intervenții Active în Atmosferă SA is the applied study of methods aimed at combating drought and desertification through scientific methods which foster the increase in rainfall quantities (rain, snow) in the interest areas.

The continuous training sessions that our company has been organizing for almost 900 employees since it was founded secure proper performance of operational activity nationally, 24/24 7/7, 365 days/year.

Among our company’s staff, there are 10 Doctors of Science and many employees who are postgraduate and doctoral students in fields that are specific to our activity and they are actively and continuously involved in scientific research for active interventions in the atmosphere.

At the same time, we have developed collaborative relationships with international specialists in the field of weather modification.

At the moment our company has 52 Anti hail Rocket Launch Points coordinated by from 5 Command Posts: Iași, Focșani, Ploiești, Drăgășani and Timișoara.

In 2019 our staff in collaboration with a foreign partner developed the first local experiment of rainfall stimulation using the aviation method in Dobrogea.

As a result of the experiment, a growth of measured rainfall from 0.1 1/square meters to approximately 4-6 1/square meters could be observed.

As well as this, we perform active interventions in the atmosphere that are experimental and with silver iodide to combat hail and stimulate rainfall in the area of responsibility.

SC Intervenții Active în Atmosferă SA represents a modern active vector that contributes to diminishing the effects of climate change which can affect agricultural crops and population safety in Romania.